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Discover all our rooms in full Trentino style


The Panarotta Room takes its name from the significant southernmost peak of the Lagorai mountain range.

This is a very exclusive room, elegantly furnished in modern Trentino style, suitable for couples and for all those who love the romantic atmosphere of a bed with canopy.

Fravort and Adamello

The Fravort and Adamello rooms are named after the Fravort peak of the Lagorai mountain range and the Adamello Alps located between the province of Trento and Brescia.

These rooms are spazione, tastefully furnished in Trentino style and suitable for all those who want a few days in the mountains without giving up the comfort of home.


The Lagorai room takes its name from the mountain chain of the same name in eastern Trentino and is part of the Fiemme Dolomites.

This is a very large and spacious room, with a sofa bed, where the Trentino mountain style can give its best.

Suitable for families and all those who want to experience the unique experience of the mountains around Compet.

Marmolada and Busa Granda

The Marmolada and Busa Granda rooms take their name from the Marmolada mountain range, the highest in the Dolomites, and from Forte Busa Granda, a stone’s throw from our hotel.

They are large rooms, furnished in Trentino style, where the wood has been carved to remember the surrounding mountain features.

The Bassa and Brenta

The Bassa and Brenta rooms take its name from the lower Valsugana and the Brenta river that originates from the Caldonazzo and Levico lakes.

This is a large room, also suitable for families, where trees and leaves carved in wood are put in the foreground.