Emotions on the Snow

When Alta Val Sugana dresses in white, the Hotel Aurora Compet and Garnì Anderle becomes the perfect refuge for ski enthusiasts.

The nearby slopes, suitable for skiers of every level, offer the right combination of challenge and fun. From the first light of dawn until sunset, the slopes covered in fresh snow await you to trace elegant grooves in a silent and enchanted world, accompanied only by the sound of your skis.

Convenience for Skiers

After a day on the slopes, find the warmth and comfort of our hotel. We offer dedicated spaces for storing your equipment, so you can rest easy knowing that everything is safe and ready for the next adventure.

Let yourself be pampered by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our rooms, where you can relax and rejuvenate in anticipation of another exciting day on the snow.


Whether you are cyclists, hikers, skiers, or water sports enthusiasts, we have the right experience for you.