Adventure in Trentino

Discover the adventure that awaits you at the Hotel Aurora Compet and Garnì Anderle, where every season is tinged with new emotions. Immersed in the enchantment of Alta Val Sugana, our range of outdoor activities is designed to satisfy the adventurous spirits of all ages.

From the thrill of downhill biking to trails to explore on foot, from exciting descents on skis to the snowboard, to the charm of water sports in nearby crystal-clear lakes, your thirst for adventure will always be quenched.


Whether you prefer road cycling or mountain biking, our bike paths and mountain trails offer routes for every level of experience.

With direct rental and guided tours available, you can feel your heart beat in unison with the rhythm of the pedals, exploring breathtaking landscapes.


Put on your boots and get ready to discover the trekking paths that wind through lush forests and high-altitude trails.

Follow the tracks of wildlife, breathe the clean mountain air, and enjoy panoramic views. Every step is an opportunity to connect with nature.


The mountains surrounding the Hotel Aurora Compet and Garnì Anderle turn into a paradise for skiers during the winter months.

With ski slopes welcoming beginners and experts, you can experience the joy of gliding on fresh snow, surrounded by picturesque snowy landscapes.


For snowboarding enthusiasts, our local slopes offer the perfect mix of excitement and challenge.

Whether you're carving on gentle slopes or gaining speed on descents, here you'll find the ideal place to express your passion for snowboarding.