Lake Levico

Lake Levico is a jewel nestled among the green mountains of Alta Valsugana. With its therapeutically renowned thermal waters, it is an oasis of tranquility where visitors can swim, sunbathe on intimate beaches, or simply stroll along the serene shores, absorbing the peace that only nature can offer.

Lake Caldonazzo

Larger and livelier, Lake Caldonazzo pulses with activities from windsurfing, sailing, to water skiing. Its spacious beaches invite families and friends to enjoy sunny days and relaxing picnics, while its transparent waters promise refreshing dips and afternoons of exploration in canoes or pedal boats.

Forte Busa Granda

Forte Busa Granda, strategically located on the mountain pass, is a window into the region's wartime past.

This Austro-Hungarian fortress has witnessed crucial historical events and now stands as a monument to explore, offering visitors a living lesson in military architecture and local history.

Arte Sella

Arte Sella is not simply an exhibition; it is a creative dialogue between man's work and pristine nature.

Outdoor sculptures and installations emerge from the ground and forests, inviting visitors to reflect on the connection between artistic expression and the natural environment, an open-air museum that changes with the seasons.

Pergine Valsugana

Pergine Valsugana is a picturesque town that blends medieval history with contemporary dynamism.

Its historic castle overlooks the cobbled streets, while the center comes alive with cafes, shops, and markets displaying crafts and local products, offering visitors an authentic taste of life in Valsugana.