Water Sports

The rustling of water caressing the hull, the breath of the wind filling the sails, and the thrill of cutting through the waves; this is the beating heart of water sports at the Hotel Aurora Compet and Garnì Anderle.

Located a short distance from the crystal-clear Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo, our hotel offers unparalleled access to a variety of water activities that will satisfy enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.


Water Skiing

Challenge gravity and feel the adrenaline with water skiing on the Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo. Perfect for beginners and veterans alike, these bodies of water offer ideal conditions for gliding on water and experiencing the thrill of rapid accelerations and breathtaking turns under the guidance of experts.


For those who love the dance between water and wind, windsurfing on our lakes is the ideal activity. The open waters are a paradise for surfers, with breezes ranging from mild to stronger, ideal for both those approaching windsurfing for the first time and experienced sailors looking for challenges.


Explore the tranquility and beauty of the Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo by canoe. Navigate through calm waters, admiring the natural landscape from the privileged viewpoint of your boat. It is the perfect activity for a relaxing day or for an exploratory adventure along the picturesque shores.


For fishing enthusiasts, the lakes offer abundant opportunities to catch memories along with the fish of the day. Whether from the shore or a boat, you can enjoy the serenity of waiting, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and perhaps even show off your catch when you return to the hotel.


Whether you are cyclists, hikers, skiers, or water sports enthusiasts, we have the right experience for you.