Trails framed by ancient larches, paths opening onto breathtaking panoramas, and the intoxicating scent of wild nature; Hotel Aurora Compet and Garnì Anderle is your base camp for exploring the essence of trekking in Alta Val Sugana.

Each trail promises new discoveries, from tranquil walks in the valleys to more energetic excursions on alpine trails that require more energy and a spirit of adventure. With us, trekking becomes an unforgettable experience, putting you in direct contact with the magnificence of nature.

Services for Hikers

To ensure a safe and satisfying trekking experience, we provide our guests with trail maps, personalized hiking advice, and energizing snacks for the journey.

Upon your return, our comfortable accommodations and a nourishing dinner await to pamper you after a day of exploration.


Whether you are cyclists, hikers, skiers, or water sports enthusiasts, we have the right experience for you.