Arte Sella

Artistic Symbiosis

Arte Sella is a unique celebration of contemporary art in dialogue with the natural environment of the Valsugana forest.

This international open-air exhibition, which began in 1986, transforms the landscape into a living gallery where art is not just seen but experienced, where each work merges with the elements of nature, growing, changing, and ultimately decaying in its embrace.

An Evolving Gallery

Visiting Arte Sella is like walking along an enchanted path: every turn of the way reveals a new work, another vision, a further thought provoked by the hand of international artists.

From wooden sculptures emerging from the ground to installations that echo the surrounding organic forms, the art here is temporary and perpetually evolving, emphasizing the cycle of life and death that governs everything. With the changing of the seasons, so too do the works transform, offering visitors a constantly different experience and a reason to return.


Come discover the magic of Trentino and the Alps.