Forte Busa

A Breath of History

Forte Busa Granda, also known as Forte Colle delle Benne, is a historic bastion that stands on the mountain ridge, a silent witness to the events that marked the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy.

Built in the late 19th century, this military complex was a key point during the world conflicts and still retains the solemn aura of an era defined by heroism and sacrifice.

A Journey through Memory and Landscapes

Today, Forte Busa Granda opens to visitors as an open-air museum, allowing exploration of its restored structures and immersing in the stories of those who inhabited and defended it.

As you walk among the paths and casemates, you can almost hear the echo of strategies and battles of the past. Moreover, its elevated position offers a breathtaking view of Valsugana and the surrounding lakes, creating an inseparable link between the beauty of the landscape and the intensity of history.


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