Lake Caldonazzo, with its energetic and lively character, represents a hub of activity in Valsugana. As the largest entirely Trentino lake, it welcomes water sports enthusiasts and those who wish to immerse themselves in vibrant nature.

Its warm waters invite long summer swims, while its extensive fine sandy beaches provide the perfect stage for games, relaxation, and sunny afternoons with family or friends.

Sports and Fun

If adrenaline is what you seek, Lake Caldonazzo does not disappoint. Water skiing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing are just some of the sports that can be practiced, thanks to dedicated areas that ensure safety and fun.

Sailing schools and equipment rental centers are available to offer unforgettable experiences under the supervision of qualified instructors. And for those looking for a different challenge, the regattas organized throughout the year represent an ideal opportunity to compete and enjoy the community spirit that only sport can create.


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