Crossroads of Culture and Tradition

Pergine Valsugana, nestled between the lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico, is a gem of history and tradition in the heart of Alto Trentino.

With its medieval origins, the town offers a fascinating journey through narrow streets, ancient houses, and monuments that tell stories of times past. It is a place where every stone, every corner, whispers centuries of lived life.

Vibrancy and Colors

The historic center of Pergine comes alive with markets, artisan shops, and cultural events that showcase the most vibrant and authentic face of this land.

A highlight is the Castle of Pergine, which dominates the hill and offers an unbeatable view of the valley. In the surroundings, the traditional farmhouses and rural paths allow you to discover local agriculture and savor the fruits of the land, testifying to a deep connection between the inhabitants and their environment.


Come discover the magic of Trentino and the Alps.