Immerse Yourself in Breathtaking Views

Located on our panoramic terrace, the whirlpool offers a breathtaking view that embraces the majestic peaks of Alta Val Sugana.

Here, you can immerse yourself in a dreamy landscape, letting your eyes dance between the mountain peaks and the blue sky. The experience becomes a unique encounter between relaxation and natural wonder, with the privilege of a private show of the Dolomites.

Outdoor Whirlpool
Outdoor Whirlpool

Relaxing Waters

The warm water and energizing bubbles of the whirlpool are the quintessence of Alpine relaxation. Let the hydrotherapeutic power gently massage your body, alleviating tensions and stress.

The combination of heat and water movement not only relaxes but regenerates, offering you an oasis of well-being in the open air.

Wellness Terrace

Our terrace is not just a place for a relaxing bath; it is a true open-air wellness room. Whether you are wrapped in the warmth of the summer afternoon sun or admiring the sunset painting the peaks pink, here every moment spent in the whirlpool becomes a precious memory, a breath of pure well-being in the fresh mountain air.

Outdoor Whirlpool


Immerse yourself fully in Alpine well-being and discover all the details of our exclusive Wellness Area.