The Call of Nature

In our Finnish sauna, the enveloping warmth merges with the enchanting panorama of the mountains of Alta Val Sugana.

The large windows invite you to contemplate the grandeur of nature while your body surrenders to the beneficial embrace of dry heat. Here, the fragrant pine wood whispers stories of ancient forests and the glass becomes the canvas on which the changing shades of the peaks are painted.


Pure Relaxation with a View

As the heat of the Finnish sauna envelops you, let your gaze wander among the snow-capped peaks or the green expanses that change color with the seasons.

Each session becomes a sensory journey, where hot and cold meet, muscles relax, and the mind frees itself, inspired by the pristine beauty that only a mountain view can offer.

Authentic Benefits

The Finnish tradition marries the Alpine atmosphere to offer you an authentic and revitalizing sauna experience.

The ideal temperature and the breathtaking view work together to purify the body and refresh the spirit. In this corner of well-being, the time spent is not just a moment of relaxation, but a health ritual that touches every aspect of your being, regenerating and strengthening.



Immerse yourself fully in Alpine well-being and discover all the details of our exclusive Wellness Area.